The Magnolia

This magnolia below has an interesting story. I had the plant in a pot for a couple of years and it just, sort of, sat there and didn’t do much – maybe a couple of new leaves a year. As it was still in a pot, I was able to take it with me to my new home in Armadale 8 years ago.

I planted it in my courtyard garden, in a corner that was protected by a big tree above it – maybe too protected from the sun. Well for 8 years it grew a few more leaves and a bit taller – very slowly – but, disappointingly, it never flowered.

Then, when I sold my house, it produced 2 flower buds for the first time in its whole life.

I was amazed.

I asked it, “Really? You wait until I am leaving you to offer a flower?”

The day before I moved out, this magnificent specimen blossomed and bloomed in my garden, after about a decade of the tree’s life being barren of flowers. It was superb, as you can see.

I thought to myself “Wow is that metaphoric and symbolic, do you think?”

Funny how it had also been 10 years for me of struggling financially and with business as well.

It’s like it had been constrained and held back from being its full and beautiful self until that moment…

…and then, with the sale of my house and me moving on, it opened to be all it could be.

Just like I was – released from the constraints of debt and living “the life I had felt I should live” and trying to reach my own expectations of myself, to be released to the freedom of fulfilling my dreams.


Now it is my time to flower and expose my complete, beautiful and impressive self in full bloom. I am looking forward to stepping into my power of being and expressing all I can be – and to help others be all they can and want to be too.

If you are keen on this process of working together to move forward, I invite you to download the Get Real Mindfulness Ritual below…. Or if you think you are ready right now, you can book a free Discovery Call for coaching.



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