The 2011 Vision

Back around 2010, I had been talking about wanting to go live in France for over 10 years as my dream. I had talked about this dream for so long. Every time I went there I felt so at home like I belonged there. It was my dream but I believed it was a long-term dream and that I needed to be successful in Australia to have the money to realize my dream.

I had done a lot of courses that referred to the Law of Attraction and how we need to turn what we want into a vision that we can take action on for it to become a reality. I had listened to a lot of Esther Hicks and her channeling of the Abraham energies and had done a course on Coaching from Spirit. I also got a set of CD’s from my good friend Margit from Kevin Trudeau called “Your Wish is Your Command”. They all had the same message about the Law of Attraction. Get very clear about what you want and the best way to do that is to write it down and be specific in defining it.

It was time for me to move this dream into a vision that I could visualize and feel the emotions that I will feel when I have it. Then it would be ready to take action that will allow it to happen.

So, on 25 January 2011, I sat down with a book to define the life I wanted. I allowed myself to write intuitively from my heart.

It’s funny because I found this book again, a couple of months after “The Decision” while sorting through my stuff. When I read it, I realized my vision hadn’t changed, but now I was taking action to make it a reality.

Here is the vision typed up!

It’s 2018 – this was my vision in 2011 word for word.

I spend a lot of my time traveling around the world. I have 2 beautiful homes. An apartment in Melbourne, where I go to visit my family and friends and for a break from traveling, and a very beautiful, old provincial home in southern France. I use that as my base for traveling and just love whatever time I spend there.

It is a beautiful old farmhouse with a pool and a spa and outdoor entertaining area. We often entertain there and have friends come and stay with us – when we are not traveling. It is on beautiful grounds amidst French forests and near the river, which we can walk to from our home. A lovely bubbling creek runs through our property into the river.

My Sacred Space

I have my sacred place by the creek with my grassy knoll and my goddess altar. I go there often to ground myself and give gratitude for the wonderful things I have in my life.

My home is large with big entertaining areas and a big open friendly kitchen. We have open fires in the sitting rooms and several bedrooms as well as a self-contained flat outside for guests to stay in. We have a large workshop area with a presentation room, kitchen, and rooms to sleep in.

It was an old monastery or convent. It is not far from the Alps and the Cote D’Azur and near a large airport for people to come and stay. It is in the Rhone-Alps region near Avignon. People come from all around the world to attend our workshops and stay in our convent.

A Self-Sustaining Environment

We are largely self-sustaining on our organic garden of herbs, vegetables, and fruit. We eat deliciously fresh and healthy French food and have the most amazing cook.

Janeen The Author

I have written many books on this property. I absolutely love the quiet retreat it affords me. It is very inspirational for me to sit and look outside at our land and the beautiful old farm buildings, our inviting pool and spa nestled into the gardens and expanding out to the forest trees with the view continuing down the valley. The local village is your typical French village and meets our needs with the shops and the weekly market for local farmers. I simply love it here.

My Partner in Everything and Love of My life

I am also very much in love with my husband and business partner. He is French and also has traveled the world and run companies. He is tall, slender and very good looking and intelligent. He is a bit younger than me and also very active with high energy. He has children, so I have grandchildren.

We met at a conference, so we immediately knew we had a lot in common.

We connected straight-away and our romance and love blossomed quickly. It was hampered by living in different countries, at first, but we managed that. He was working with businesses too – to bring more consciousness, awareness, and spirituality into the way they work.

I love him so very much. We keep each other young and alive with beautiful energy and have the most intimate relationship in all ways. We travel together most of the time. He is my inspiration and motivation to be the best I can possibly be. I feel so very happy to be with him. We really are soul mates and much, much more. We live and work together in total harmony.

Our Business

We run a business that involves writing, speaking around the world at large and small events and also running our own workshops. The main themes are communicating and relating to achieving mutual goals – in business and personal relationships. There are many other themes coming from this core one. We work with a small team of dedicated people who are like family to us.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Follow up – The Business Vision

Our business is very successful and both of us are extremely happy in it. We both feel fulfilled and that we are living our life’ purpose. I get such a huge buzz from knowing how I have touched people’s hearts and lives to help them make their own life better to be more contentedly happy. It is about helping them connect with their passions and purpose and their inner guidance and spirit. The people we work and connect with are really beautiful. They are conscious and aware and yearning to learn more about themselves and their purpose when they find us.

Living the Vision

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